Computer Science 1

Catherine Chiu

This is my webpage for Computer Science 1
We are studying C#. It's my first year of computer
science. It is difficult to learn but it's what I
call hard fun.

Goodbye World!


This project translates the words goodbye into four different languages.

About Page


This project shows our business slogan, logo, and contact information.

Mailing Label


This project creates a mailing label when we input our name and address.

Car Rental


This project allows you to rent a car and calculates the amount of money you owe. It also creates another mailing label.

Car Rental Upgrade


This project is similar to the Car Rental but it also allows you to choose between three different cars with different prices.

BMI Calculator


This project calculates your average BMI when you input your height and weight. It also converts your weight from pounds to kilograms and your height from feet to meters.

Test Score Program


This project calculates the average test score between two scores. It converts the percentage to a letter grade.

Dice Roll


This project rolls two dice and calculates total rolls, the probability of rolling a sum, and the number of times you roll a certain sum.

Craps Game


This project is a game of Craps where you roll two dice.

T-Shirt Program


This project allows you to order t-shirts that come in different sizes.

Slot Machine


This project allows you to roll three slot machines and you can win a jackpot by rolling three of the same characters.

Rock Paper Scissors


This project is a game of rock paper scissors between two different players.

Fish Program


This project moves the fish in different directions and keeps track of the number of times your fish moves and the number of times it hits each side of the tank.

Football Project


This project shows information about two different college footballs team and their school information. It also shows a picture of each of the school's flag.



This project is a game of tic-tac-toe between two players, the sunflower and the peony.



This project is a game of tic-tac-toe between two players, the sunflower and the peony.

Basic AI


This project is a basic animation game where the llama chases the cactus and can shoot using the space bar.

Star Field


This project shows stars moving diagonally in different directions. When it goes off the page, it is replaced.



This project has a shark that is hunting and killing fish. There is also a hook on a boat that also kills fish.

Search Array


This project generates a random number and runs 5000 times to search for that number. It gives the line that the number was found on.

Test Score Histogram


This project takes 100 different test scores and puts them into a string array based on the letter grade using asterisks.



This project shows an airplane dropping bombs on the llama and the llama is able to shoot back.


This is my final project for my freshman year. This project has a star as the main character trying to catch the enemy.