Avatar, 8.23.21
create and avatar and its story

Name, 8.27.21
use our name multiple times to create name

Landscape, 9.14.21
day to night animation with avatar

Tutorial, 9.22.21
tutorial of how to draw a smiley face

Score, 9.24.21
child game to tap circles

Game, 9.24.21
catch the fish by clicking

Sound Program, 10.13.21
click objects to create a sound

Circle Bounce, 10.20.21
circles bouncing off the walls

Submarine, 11.2.21
keep submarine down to avoid fish

Bullets, 11.18.21
shoot bear to gain points

Space Odyssey, 12.13.21
use keypress to spawn space objects

Gravity, 2.1.22
move your avatar and avoid obstacles

Battle Arena, 3.24.22
defeat the opponent's structure

Jumpy Bear, 5.26.22
avoid the array of obstacles by jumping

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